Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tiles have become very popular because of their versatility. Vinyl flooring can also be a cost-friendly option when remodeling your home. Vinyl Flooring Dubai offers planks and vinyl flooring in a variety of sizes and designs that you can choose from. Vinyl flooring can be installed quickly and easily. Vinyl planks and tiles have the advantage of being able to manage moist environments and create vinyl that looks like stone or wood. Consider which one would be best for your home’s interior design.

Vinyl flooring can be made from synthetic materials. Vinyl flooring is an economical and durable option. All flooring products are available at a fair price. We also guarantee their durability and quality. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

Why We Recommended?

Flooring Dubai guarantees high quality material with great versatility. We also offer excellent service 24 hours a day for our clients. We have listed some important vinyl quality characteristics you need to know before purchasing vinyl flooring.

  • A durable product that is affordable
  • Water-resistant flooring
  • You can choose from many different textures, colors and styles
  • Form in sheets, tiles and planks
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Ideal for home gym, etc.

Vinyl Flooring Designs

New luxury vinyl plank installation on cork,modern home,renovate concept

Vinyl flooring made of PVC

You need to choose the right flooring for your home if you’re a homeowner. It can be difficult to make a decision about flooring for your home. There are many options for flooring on the market. How do you choose the best flooring for your home? Our services are available to you. PVC vinyl flooring is very popular today. It is most commonly used in offices due to its cost-effectiveness and elegant appearance. PVC is polyvinyl chloride. PVC is used mainly in pipe magnification. Also, the majority of cabins are made from polyvinyl chloride. Because of the multiple layers, PVC is best suited to cold environments. Vinyl comes in many sizes and forms, including sheets and tiles. Vinyl is also available in Nemours patterns such as the wood stone carpet rug.

We offer this collection to our customers as a finished flooring product. This floor is a great choice for your home and is affordable. Why wait? Get great deals from us by contacting the top retailers right away

Different types of PVC Vinyl Flooring

Below are many varieties of PVC vinyl flooring that we offer with easy and high-quality installation.

  • Flooring made of PVC Vinyl Tiles
  • PVC Vinyl Sheet Flooring
  • PVC Vinyl Planks Flooring

Flooring made of PVC Vinyl Tiles

PVC vinyl comes in square shapes. It is made from real stone and ceramic, which increases its durability but can also cause damage due to its hardness. Don’t worry. You can replace or change only the damaged tiles and get a new one. We offer a variety of sizes, including 250, 300, 600 and 900 mm square.

PVC Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheets made from PVC come in large rolls that you can cut to fit your needs and place. You will not need any cutting material. Sheet flooring does not cost you extra or waste materials. The sheet size for a roll of vinyl flooring is approximately 1000 mm x 2000 mm. The thickness of the vinyl sheet ranges from 1.5 mm to 3mm.

PVC Vinyl Planks Flooring

Vinyl PVC flooring is available in strips. It is easy to install and looks beautiful. Vinyl PVC looks just like real wood, but it is not hardwood. Vinyl PVC is available in sizes ranging from 100 to 200 mm in width to vinyl lengths of approximately 900 to 1200mm.


Vinyl flooring made from PVC has many advantages and is a great choice for your home’s interior.

  • Ideal for areas with low traffic such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other common spaces.
  • Moisture is a problem
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Other flooring types have less resistance to water than this one.
  • Harden objects can be damaged
  • Lightweight
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • Vinyl flooring thicknesses range from 1.5 to 3.1mm
  • Warranty of between 10 and 15 years
  • It is more affordable than other flooring options

Vinyl Flooring Texture Tiles

Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of textures and tile styles. These tiles can be used to create a unique look for your home. Some textures appear soft while others look hard and sharp. Dubai flooring offers many textures with clear design and colors, such as medium and light selections.

  • The light embossing effect is elegant and appears smoother than concrete or granite.
  • Medium to dark colors mimic the rough texture of stone, such as slate.

Best Vinyl Installation Services

Vinyl flooring’s main feature is its installation. Here are some things to know about your flooring. Vinyl flooring tiles require a smooth surface, and must be perfectly shaped. You want flawless, perfectly planned flooring. Make sure to prepare the surface. The body will show imperfections on your floors, such as bumps or indentation. The company’s experience specialists recommended that only one layer of vinyl be used. This will ensure the best possible installation and make it reliable over the long-term. It will not fit if you have more layers. Vinyl flooring can be laid quickly if the underfoot feels better. It can be installed through glue and click on other tricks.

Many contractors offer services to help you install your flooring and provide instructions. Many homeowners still believe that only a specialist can install your home and flooring professionally and quickly.

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