Parquet Flooring

Our parquet flooring is affordable and easy to install. We guarantee its stability and durability. Everyone wanted unique parquet flooring designs so they began to take out carpet and install it. It doesn’t require any initial finishing and looks almost like a mid-century floor.

We offer the finest selection of parquet tiles in a variety of designs and sizes. You can choose from different sizes and thicknesses depending on your needs. These are just a few of the features and specs that you will find below. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are available 24 hours a day for any service you need, whether it is on your doorstep or via e-commerce.

Black Parquet Flooring

People now like to design their new homes with unique design and style. Dubai is a place where luxury and simplicity are the norm. Many companies offer different Dubai flooring options. There are many options for flooring Dubai, including parquet flooring Dubai. We offer a variety of sizes and designs. Parquet flooring is a more elegant and stylish option for older properties or new homes.

Parquet flooring is made from blocks of wood and glue to add thickness to it. You can also create new patterns and designs using glue. This glue combines different pieces of wood to make beautiful, elegant and decent patterns. Parquet flooring can be used in all areas, but it is best to avoid or limit humidity such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

You can choose from solid or engineered flooring. Prefinished solid flooring requires maintenance and refinishing in order to be installed. Engineered flooring, on the other hand, is prefinished and provides durability. This flooring is best suited for basements and bathrooms. All styles of Parquet flooring are available. It’s up to the customer what they prefer. Today, Dubai is awash in Chevron and Herringbone.


Parquet Flooring Designs


Design and Styles of Top Parquet Flooring Dubai

  • Herringbone
  • Chevron
  • Rustic
  • Engineered wood
  • Geometric pattern

These are the most used styles of parquet in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and throughout the UAE.


This floor is made with smaller planks. It all depends on what design you would like to see. You can use different styles and tricks with our Herringbone pattern. There are many styles and angles to choose from. It is simple to install and durable, with reasonable prices.


This is another parquet flooring Dubai classic; many people know it because of its unique V-Shaped floor design. It is beautiful and durable thanks to our experts. Small spaces can be made wider by converting it after installation. The Chevron design can be used with light or dark wood tones. Lighter woods look more elegant and fashionable, while darker woods have a warm, inviting texture.


Rustic has a vintage feel and is old-fashioned. However, some people prefer this look for guest houses, warehouses, and other places. We guarantee the highest quality and durability. Rustic hardwood can be installed quickly and is affordable. This is a great option for people who appreciate vintage look.

Engineered wood

It is easy-to-maintenance and requires no finishing. Solid wood is best for flooring durability. It’s best suited to areas with high traffic such as offices or galleries, and children play areas. This wood is also useful for basement heating. Wood is the best choice for all-purpose washrooms and living rooms, such as kitchens and living rooms. It can be made up of many layers. You can have 3-12 layers depending on your requirements.

Geometric Pattern

You can choose from a variety of design and pattern styles. These patterns are available so you can view the enlisted products.

  • Inlay of brass
  • Hexagonal
  • Contrasting
  • Diamond pattern
  • Mansion weaving
  • Versailles

LVT Parquet Flooring

Luxury parquet flooring is luxury vinyl tiles parquet flooring. You can choose from different patterns that repeat at different angles. You will receive the highest quality parquet with a 100% guarantee of durability and comfort. We offer a wide range of new collections at affordable prices.

LVT Designs

The colors of the product are natural and modern grays. The geometric pattern design creates a unique, elegant appearance in your living spaces. It is a real wood plank that doesn’t require any maintenance. The long-term stability it offers comes with no additional finishing fees.


Luxury vinyl tiles are constructed with layers that provide stability and durability. LVT tiles come in both stone and wood finishes. Luxury vinyl is durable and water-resistant. This vinyl is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl flooring is a great choice for budget-friendly flooring. It is easy to install and has a soft texture.

LVT is highly recommended for people who enjoy a comfortable environment. LVT also includes sheet-vinyl flooring and rubber flooring. LVT products may require a floating-floor installation, but they can be installed using a glue technique.

Types of LVT Fitting

Our expert and specialist guides provide two types of LVT fitting. It can take time to make the LVT flooring durable and easy to install. We will now discuss the fitting criteria for LVT flooring Dubai.

  1. Glued
  2. Click LVT

Glued LVT

Parquet flooring LVT is often installed using glue. You will need to attach multiple layers of adhesive or attachments directly to the subfloor. It is important to remember that glue can take some time to set up or cure. Roll the Vinyl Tiles over to compress the planks. This will ensure that the bond is strong and durable.

Click LVT

The click method will be used to install LVT. To hold the planks in place, it can be connected individually with a lock mechanism and clicked together. It doesn’t require adhesive to be installed. It works great, stops all movements and aids in thermal retention as well as acoustic mitigation. It is easy to install and comes with a guarantee for stability.

LVT and laminate flooring are very similar

  • Both can be expensive
  • Durable
  • Solid-surface
  • There are many flooring options available, including ceramic, stone, and hardwood.
  • Laminate and LVT are much easier to maintain than tile or wood.
  • Expertise, tools and instructions are required
  • Both require layers of different construction types
  • Protects against sunlight fading by resisting scratches

We recommend it & What we like about it

We provide the highest quality products and the best service. We are proud of the quality and durability of our products and services. We are going to highlight some of the positive aspects of our product that you can compare with other products.

  • It can be used to create exciting patterns to meet customer’s needs
  • High traffic levels require durable and reliable products
  • It is easy to install and provides stability
  • Reasonable price
  • We are available 24/7 via e-commerce or in our Dubai stores.
  • You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Different styles of parquet flooring are available
  • Because of its uniqueness and quality, some products are slightly more expensive

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